Steps for Mentor Matching

Step One: Finding a Match

To find a mentor, first complete your mentee profile then browse the profiles of potential mentors in the Mentor Directory.

Once your Mentee Profile Form, has been accepted you will receive an email from RPNAO. This will enable you to preview and select a mentor who best fits your career journey goals. Click on the green “Request Mentor” button on the top right of their profile to generate the request to your potential mentor, allow approximately two weeks, refresh your request and contact RPNAO at 905-602-4664 ext. 253 for assistance or toll free 1-877-602-4664 ext. 253. Please only contact one potential mentor at a time.

If you would like to be a mentor, please complete the Mentor Profile Form and submit. In addition, if you have a recent photo we would appreciate you including it with your profile.

Step Two: Found a Match: Now What?

Now that you have found a match, the following are some tools to help you get started on your mentorship relationship. Remember together you will make the final decision about the fit of your mutual goals, learning needs, learning style and whether in fact this is a good match.

Step Three: Sustaining the Match

It is important to regularly check in with your mentoring partner to assess how the relationship is unfolding. An excellent way to monitor goal achievement and evaluate your mentoring relationship is the use of the following tool.

  • a href="/sites/default/files/PDFs/Mentorship-Learning-Journal.pdf" target="_blank">Mentoring Learning Journal (PDF)

If our match is not working what do we do?
Terminating a mentoring relationship, or switching to a different mentor, are not signs of failure. Recognizing your changing needs and finding a respectful way to meet your learning goals are one of the keys to successful executive mentoring. If you have completed a Mentoring Relationship Agreement you will have identified strategies for working through such concerns.

Step Four: Completing the Match: Now What?

Now that your mentorship relationship is complete and before saying thank you and goodbye take time to evaluate your learning.

  • Think back to your purpose for embarking on this mentorship relationship. What have been your accomplishments?
  • What have you learned along the way?
  • What have been the challenges?
  • When you embark on other mentoring relationships, would you do anything different?

For those matched pairs who need some additional support with Step Three and Four: Growing in the Relationship and Celebrating Accomplishments RPNAO will be hosting webinars.