In addition to the Career Conversations, the website includes a number of Career Profiles, which are short vignettes that celebrate the careers, accomplishments, and experiences of a diverse group of RPNs. New profiles are added to this page on an ongoing basis. We hope one day you will ask us to include yours!

RPNs make significant contributions to nursing and patient care in Ontario everyday and to celebrate the diverse contributions made by RPN across the province, RPNAO would like to share some of these nursing experiences through our Nurse Profile Section.

Name: Wesley Green

Current Role: Full-time Staffing Nurse (float pool)

Years in Nursing: 7 years (first career)

Accomplishments: First RPNAO Workplace Liaison, Trillium Health Centre Nursing Advisory Council member, OR and Neuroscience Nursing 1 certificate

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Name: Patric Campeau

Current Role:RPN

Years in Nursing: 4 years (second career - Medical Lab Tech was first)

Accomplishments: Participated in RPNAO Fellowship (a wound care mentor-based internship), Canadian Vascular Access Association (CVAA) and Arterial Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) Certifications

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Name: Katherine Goudis

Current Role: Independent Practitioner providing Advanced Foot Care, Reflexology, Reiki and Healing Touch

Years in Nursing: 44 years (first career)

Accomplishments: Certifications in Reflexology, Reiki and Healing Touch, American Holistic Healing Certification, Board of Directors for Canadaian Healin Touch Association (2005-2008)

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Name: Michelle Sparks

Current Role: Operating Room Nurse

Years in Nursing: 11 years (nursing is a second career, retail management was her first)

Accomplishments: Presiden-Elect of RPNAO's OR SIG & Co-Chair of Holland Centre Nursing Council

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Name: Yvonne Ramlall

Current Role: Acute Care - focus Orthopaedic/Arthritis care

Years in Nursing: 10 years (nursing is a second career, Medical Laboratory as a Haematology Technologist was her first)

Accomplishments: Certificate of Recognition Contribution as a Preceptor, George Brown College, April 2006, Research Award, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, May 2007. RPNAO Leadership Clinical Practice Fellowship, August 2007, Research Study accepted for Publication- for publication Fall 2010, SHSC Schulic Award for Nursing and Clinical

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Name: Lindsay Dracz

Current Role: Acute Care- Emergency nursing

Years in Nursing: 7 years (first career)

Accomplishments/career highlights: RPNAO fellowship-Infection Control education, Nursing Professional Practice Advisory Council member, non violent crisis trainer and a SEIU Steward

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Name: Debora Cowie

Current Role: Mental Health Nursing- focus Forensic Psychiatry

Years in Nursing: 20 years (nursing is a second career, occupational therapy assistant was her first).

Accomplishments/career highlights: Grief, Death and Dying Educator, RNAO BPG Committee member

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Name: Diane Stroop

Current Role: Charge Nurse Long Term Care - focus geriatric care

Years in Nursing: 22 years (nursing is a second career, PSW was her first).

Accomplishments/career highlights: OLTCA Nursing Leadership Award recipient, Best Practice Champion and volunteer Down’s Syndrome parents support group

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Name: Debbie Hooper

Current Role: Community Nurse - focus Paediatric Care

Years in Nursing: 14 years (nursing is a second career, medical secretary was her first).

Accomplishments/career highlights: Travelling nurse- accompanied Make a Wish recipient child on a cruise

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Name: Louise Walker

Current Role: Mental Health- Forensic Nurse Facilitator

Years in Nursing: 38 years (first career).

Accomplishments/career highlights: Lead nurse facilitator for RAI, Workload Measurement, E-documentation, committee member for smoking cessation. Breast cancer survivor

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Name: Anne-Marie Scime

Current Role: School Nurse

Years in Nursing: 15 years (nursing is a second career, Human Resource Mangement was her first).

Accomplishments/career highlights: Unique job opportunities have opened up in the fields of practice for RPNs. My wish is to see RPNs in all facets of health care in happy successful jobs

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Name: Anne McKenzie

Current Role: Community Nurse

Years in Nursing: 38 years (first career).

Accomplishments/career highlights: Current RPNAO board member, College of Nurses of Ontario Board of Directors and RPN VP 08/09

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Name: Diana Noseworthy

Current Role: Paediatric Rehabilitation Staff Nurse

Years in Nursing: 8 years (first career)

Accomplishments/career highlights: 2009 Award of Excellence: Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Nursing Practice Council Member, RPN Scope Enhancement subcommittee

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Name: Beverly Roger

Current Role: Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit Vaccine Preventable Diseases Program.

Years in Nursing: 40 years (first career)

Accomplishments:Hearing Management and Conservation Certificate; Diabetic Teaching and Management Certificate; Immunization Competencies Education Program and a preceptor for Georgian College students. Member of a medical mission team provided health care to migrant Haitian villagers

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Name: Laura McMillan

Current Role: Regional Manager of Clinical Services

Years in Nursing: 22 years

Accomplishments: Courses in management through Ryerson University, LTC Administrator certificate, RPNAO’s Influencing Policy, Influencing Change, and the Introduction to Leadership course.

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Name: Jen Calver

Current Role: RPN

Years in Nursing: 5 years

Accomplishments: 2014 RPNAO Award for Student Excellence, 2018 UOIT Student Training Assistantship Research (STAR) award recipient, and certifications in Leadership Development.

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