Overview of career section

As the professional association for registered practical nurses in Ontario, RPNAO offers a wide range of supports to help you successfully begin, advance or enhance your nursing career.

Throughout this section of the RPNAO website, you’ll find numerous resources aimed at supporting your career development, including career stories, professional development education tools, a wide assortment of downloadable tools, access to job opportunities and more.

There are three sections to help you navigate the various aspects of your career development:

1. RPN Careers

This section serves as a helpful primer, introducing you to what a RPN career is all about, explaining how you begin a career as a RPN, RPNs describing their own careers and more.

  • What is a RPN?
    Registered Practical Nurses are knowledge-based professionals working in a variety of health care settings.
  • How do I become an RPN?
    Are you thinking about embarking on a nursing career? Do you have the right courses to begin this journey?
  • Career Conversations
    Meet some of Ontario’s RPNs and hear them describe their career paths in their own voices.
  • Career Profiles
    Learn more about the exciting careers, accomplishments and the journeys these individuals have taken to become the nurse they are today.

2. Navigating your career

Here, you’ll find information and tools to help you gain an in-depth knowledge of career planning and development. The central focus of this section will be the donnerwheeler Career Directions program. It also includes references to other resources that can be used to enhance your career planning and development process.

  • Career Directions
    Using the donnerwheeler model of career development, RPNAO is able to provide you with the seven self -learning Career Directions Program modules to assist you throughout the various stages of your career.
  • RPNAO Career Services and Resources
    RPNAO Career Services and Resources provide you with specific Career Planning and Development supports for your career, including downloadable tools, links to other useful services and programs available on the RPNAO website and access to Ask a Career Counselor. You can also set up an appointment for guidance regarding continuing education or your career.
  • RPNAO Courses
    This section provides a brief description of courses and events offered by RPNAO aimed at helping you develop your career.
  • RPNAO Recommended Resources
    Here, you’ll find useful links to external resources recommended by RPNAO. Each link includes a brief description to help you assess the potential relevance to supporting your personal career development.

3. Find a Job

Access these great job boards to assist you with your job search, whether you are just embarking on your career or looking for new career opportunities.

Click here for nurse career profiles.