The Independent Business Group (IB SIG) was granted an associate membership in 1997 by the RPNAO. With the ever-changing utilization and professional development opportunities for Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) the independent businesses for RPNs has evolved as well. Today many nurses have businesses in such diverse areas as Massage Therapy, Footcare, Wellness & Lifestyle Management, Tai Chi Exercise and Naturopathic Medicine, all with the focus of meeting the healthcare needs of Ontarians.

Mission Statement

IB SIG and its members strive to build a ‘gold standard’ of nursing practice in their individual (and non-traditional) nursing based businesses through education and collaboration.

Purpose is to allow those who are running independent businesses to be guided through entrepreneurship and assist them to make informative business decisions, network with colleagues and gain education in various areas of business ownership: e.g. insurance, taxes, fees, government interaction, veteran’s affairs, legal issues.


  1. To attain a professional standard and take individual accountability for our independent businesses
  2. Let’s work together and communicate
  3. Adhere to CNO Standards of Practice, Best Practice Guidelines & Practice Review
  4. Provide education workshops and conferences
  5. Provide a Canada-wide support network for nurses in independent practices.
  6. Develop an IB SIG web site


  1. Provide pertinent information to those nurses who are establishing, or intending to establish an independent nursing practice.
  2. Maintain optimum standards of practice by providing continuing education on a regular basis in the form of workshops, speakers, etc.
  3. Be aware of current healthcare issues with specific consideration to issues related to working in an independent business setting.
  4. Provide input and support for any healthcare issues in IB nursing practice by becoming involved with local, provincial, and federal governments.
  5. Raise awareness of the role and importance of nurses in IB through lobbying and promoting ourselves for recognition as competent and competitive healthcare providers with: extended healthcare plans and insurance companies.

Information for RPNAO Student Members

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More Information

IB SIG Website: http://ibsig.ca

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