It is our responsibility to render good service and nursing care to all patients.

We believe that the goals of nursing care should be:

  • to promote health,
  • to make every effort to restore and sustain life; and when prescribed; and,
  • to rehabilitate and/or to palliate those who cannot be restored to full health.

RPNAO maintains that it is the responsibility of the individual nurse to provide the highest standards of professional practice. In order to do so, we must attain and maintain competence now and in the future. Nurses must keep abreast of new best practices and evidence through continuing education, and that participation in continuing education must be used to improve the quality of direct client care to be consort with the College of Nurses Quality Assurance requirements.

We believe continuing education should be based on sound education principles, developed in accordance with total nursing education. A cooperative working relationship is fundamental to efficient and effective planning of quality client care. RPNs share that responsibility as integral members of the health care team. We believe each member of the health care team makes a unique contribution to client care. For any other information regarding membership please e-mail us at: