Your membership strengthens the voice of Registered Practical Nurses in Ontario along with the 32,000+ RPNs in the province.

We need all of your support in continuing our vital role of helping RPNs engage in fulfilling careers that utilize all of their knowledge and skills while continuing to reinforce to health care organizations that RPNs represent an excellent, practical way to provide the best quality health care.

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Frequently-asked questions about Membership (FAQs)

Leadership starts at the point of care: RPNAO will empower your voice!

Benefits of Membership

One unified voice representing registered practical nurses in the province of Ontario. Your RPNAO membership provides you with valuable benefits that support, protect and enhance your career, including:

  • Advocating for RPNs to the government, health care organizations and the public for more than 54 years;
  • Membership includes comprehensive malpractice/professional liability protection (PLP) insurance and legal expense insurance.
  • Supporting the profession by arguing for quality work environments and educational settings;
  • Professional representation on and collaboration with key provincial and national committees;
  • Maintaining the status of the RPN, thus ensuring the future of the practical nursing category;
  • Networking opportunities with your colleagues at conferences and online with social media;
  • Access to Specialty Benefits for RPNAO members

Professional Liability Protection Insurance (PLP)

Your RPNAO membership includes our comprehensive malpractice and professional liability protection insurance coverage. As or March 31, 2014, every nurse registered to work in Ontario will be required to have professional liability insurance protection coverage, which is part of the by-law 44.4 from the College of Nurses of Ontario. Please see the following RPNAO links:

Other links:

As an RPNAO member, your insurance will cover you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, worry free; all this with zero deductible. Whether you are practicing nursing as a paid employedd at one job or more, or volunteering as a nurse.

RPNs across the province need this insurance to help protect their career, as well as their assets and livelihoods. The value of having this insurance at any stage in your career as a nurse is crucial. Not only does this demonstrate professionalism, but it provides you with the peace of mind in knowing you are protected.

Members also receive:

  • Subscription to our quarterly magazine the RPN Journal - keeping you informed of developments in nursing and health care;
  • Value added benefits such as awards;
  • Savings on e-learning and conferences;
  • Option to join any of the RPNAO Specialty Interest Groups (SIG):
    • Operating Room Nurses (OR SIG),
    • Independent Business Nurses (IB SIG),
    • Gerontological Nursing SIG (GN SIG);
  • Discounts on skill enhancing courses, workshops and seminars
  • Special group rates on home-auto insurance with Johnson Inc.;
  • Career development tools and support at every stage of your work life as a nurse.

Ease of payment

Membership fees are payable annually and can be paid in one lump sum, in installments, or through a payroll deduction plan at your place of employment. Reduced rates are available for practical nursing students retired, and non-practicing RPNs.


  • Terms of Membership: Full Year Membership expires on Jun/30 every year; Half Year Membership expires on Dec/31 or Jun/30 every year. Membership Fee is not refundable and Membership s not transferable.
  • $1 of the RPNAO Membership Fee is donated towards the Education Trust Fund.
  • RPNAO offers a convenient pre-authorized payment plan to pay the membership fees. This option is only available to members who have an up-to-date account balance. Three rejected (PAP) payments will no longer be eligible for the plan for the duration of the year and will be required to remit payments of the outstanding balance immediately.