Wounds Canada’s fall conference is a four-day continuing education event designed to support health-care professionals who work with patients with wounds or who are at risk for developing wounds. This year’s conference is being held at London Convention Centre November 8-11, 2018. Don’t miss it!

The goals of the Wounds Canada conference are:

•  To bring together national and international experts in the field of wound prevention and management
•  To assist practitioners to incorporate the most recent scientific evidence, technology and tools into practice
•  To review and discuss the extent and quality of evidence surrounding the prevention and management of different types of wounds
•  To discuss practical, patient-centered, cost-effective approaches to wound care
•  To discuss the policy implications of clinical decisions and vice-versa
•  To provide an avenue for communication between practitioners and industry


Highlights include:
•  Four days of jam-packed learning and networking opportunities in multi-disciplinary setting
•  Oral and poster presentations outlining the latest research, technology and tools
•  Formal and informal networking opportunities from morning to night.





Thursday, November 8, 2018