Welcome to Physical Well-Being

Part of the Self-Care for Nurses RPNAO Education. Please take the time to participate in our three modules below.


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Physical Well-Being Resources: 


           Easy Ways to drink More Water Every Day: Adequate water intake is essential for good health. This resource provides different ways to drink more water.
           Self-Care for Nurses App Reviews: An overview of apps, reviewed and tested by RPNs. we suggest trying a few to determine your individual preference.
           Canada Food Guide: A government of Canada resource to help individuals improve their nutrition, eating habits, and awareness.


           Three basic stretching videos to maintain better physical health:
           Glute Bridges: A stretching video focused on gluteal stretching and core.
           Mcgill Crunch: A stretching video focused on the lower back.
           Bretzel Stretch: A stretching video focused on stretching your thoracic spine.


           How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Need?: An overview of the recommended hours of sleep based on age category.
           Tips to Sleep Better at Night: A great resource for better sleep, when having difficulty falling asleep.
           Shift Work and Sleep: An overview of how shift work can affect sleep patterns.