Nursing Week 2018


Dear Registered Practical Nurses and practical nursing students,

Nursing Week is May 7-13 this year, with International Nurses Day occurring on May 12, 2018. All of us at RPNAO are well aware of the amazing work and the meaningful contributions you make every day in your work as an RPN. But as the beginning of Nursing Week approaches, we wanted to take this opportunity to extend our thanks and warmest wishes to you for everything you do.

This year’s poster features a scene from the TV commercial RPNAO created this past year to celebrate and recognize the incredible contributions of RPNs. The tagline we’ve chosen for Nursing Week this year is the same one from our commercial, which is: Registered Practical Nurses: Keeping us in good hands. The poster features RPN Ella Caceras with a resident. You can download the poster [8x10, PDF] and we encourage you to display the poster at your place of work during Nursing Week. You can also engage with us on social media (through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram) using the hashtag #ingoodhands.

As we do each year, ambassadors from RPNAO will be visiting RPN workplaces throughout the province during Nursing Week. We will also be reaching out to newspapers across the province to help highlight the work you do.

Thank you once again for your contributions to our profession. And on behalf of the staff and the board of directors at RPNAO, we wish you all the best for Nursing Week and for the rest of 2018!



Dianne Martin
Chief Executive Officer


Category: General NewsPDF Files: PDF icon RPNAO_nursingweek_8x10.pdfDate: Thursday, April 26, 2018