Dear RPNAO Member,

It's time again to nominate members for the RPNAO Board of Directors — this time, to represent  Regions 1, 3, 5, and 7 for a two-year term, and Region 2 for a one-year term, beginning October  2015.

 Please take a moment to think about the importance of supporting the association, while also  having your say by exercising your right to nominate your candidate(s) for the Board of Directors.

Board members will be elected from the pool of nominees through votes cast at the RPNAO
Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, October 29, 2015. Since our bylaws do not allow nominations from the floor at the AGM, the nomination form is your only opportunity to put forth the name of your nominee(s) to the RPNAO’s membership.

Please make sure you return your completed form(s) by Friday, August 7, 2015.

Thank you,
The Nominations Committee

Responsibilities of a Board Member

Being a board member is both a challenging and an educational experience. Board members are responsible for governing the affairs of the association and providing leadership in meeting RPNAO’s vision, mission and objectives.

Nominees must:

  • Have maintained a membership in the association for a minimum of two consecutive years preceding his or her nomination;
  • Meet the requirements in the Act;
  • Be a member in good standing of the College of Nurses of Ontario; and
  • Sign the nomination form (and have his or her nominator sign the form, as well).

Nominating a Candidate

To nominate someone for the RPNAO board, you must be a current RPNAO member and live in the same region as the nominee. If you meet these requirements, please fill out the form and send it to the RPNAO office, along with a brief biography of the candidate. Please ensure that the nominee signs the form. (You may also wish to include a photo of the nominee. Biographies will be published in the RPN Journal if an election is required.) You may nominate as many candidates as you wish within your region. To do so, copy the blank form first or create a reasonable facsimile.

The RPNAO office must receive the completed nomination form, biography and optional photo by
4:30 p.m. on August 7, 2015.

Notes to Nominees

Meeting Attendance Requirements:

Please consult with your employer about getting time off to attend board meetings. There are five meetings each year. One is usually in conjunction with the AGM, while the others are held either at the RPNAO office or by teleconference. If elected, your term of office will be two years. All authorized expenses incurred for RPNAO business will be paid for by the association if your employer is unable to cover these costs.

Work on Committees:

You may be expected to chair a committee. The chair prepares reports and recommendations for board discussion.

RPNAO to launch Palliative Care Special Interest Group

As of July 1, 2015, RPNAO members will have the chance to join a new Specialty Interest Group (SIG) that the association is forming to focus on issues related to palliative care. In the words of RPNAO Board Member and RPN Linda Keirl, "It's an idea whose time has come."

Palliative care is a subject that has exploded in prominence of late, not only as one of the implications of our aging population, but also in part because of a renewed emphasis on the topic in the wake of the Supreme Court of Canada's decision to allow people with grievous are irremedial medical conditions to ask for a physician-assisted death.

"We know that people want to stay at home as much as they can at end of life, but when that time comes, almost 75 per cent end up in the hospital," says Keirl. "This is a complex and very important issue and it's one that will only continue to grow in prominence in the coming years. This new group will give RPNs across Ontario somewhere to go with all their questions about palliative are, to share the information that's out there, and to share best practices with their colleagues throughout the province."

Beginning July 1, 2015 (start of the RPNAO membership year), new or renewing members will have the ability to opt in to the new palliative care SIG when they fill out their membership application. In order for the group to be sustained past the first year, it will need to meet certain criteria set out by the association, including maintaining a minimum 25 members, having objectives that are aligned with those of the association, meeting certain standards of quality with respect to marketing materials, newsletter and so on.

While the leadership and specific objectives of the group remain to be determined, its mandate will include promoting and supporting RPNs in palliative care, providing members with access to continuing education opportunities, workshops, and guest speakers. 

For more information about the Palliative Care SIG please contact Beth McCracken, Nursing Practice and Outreach Specialist via email at or 905-602-4664 ext. 227.


Category: Special FeatureDate: Tuesday, June 23, 2015