There was a moment at our 2011 AGM & Conference in Niagara Falls when one of the speakers asked the audience members in attendance how many of them were on this ‘new’ social media app called Twitter. Of the 300 or so people who were there that evening, many of them RPNs, RNs, NPs, educators, health care leaders, etc. only two people raised their hands. I myself wasn’t on Twitter at the time but I saw the writing on the wall and I joined that week.

My, how far we’ve come as a profession and as an association. Just recently, we hosted our first-ever Facebook Live event and Q&A, featuring nursing leaders representing RPNs, NPs and RNs. The response to that event, both in terms of viewership and engagement, was incredible. You can watch the Facebook Live Q&A again on our Facebook page.

The point of all of this isn’t about the tools or the apps. It’s not about Facebook or Twitter. It’s about cultivating a connection with you, our members. RPNAO has always prided itself on being a member-focused organization. But each year, we continue to ask ourselves how we can go beyond being member-focused in order to become even more member connected.

What’s the difference between being member-focused and member-connected? The latter forces us to put even more emphasis on two-way dialogue. We truly value the input, ideas and insights of our members. Each of our major research projects over the past decade has been based on the feedback of our members. And now, with the amazing social media platforms we have available to us, we continue to grow and cultivate those connections with our members, health care leaders, journalists, politicians and other stakeholders.

Our efforts seem to be working. We’re hearing each week from our members how much they’re loving the feeling of accessibility and connectedness they have to their association. We’re hearing how they’re feeling more closely connected to the people who work at RPNAO. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to hear comments like these.

If you’re not connected to RPNAO on Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram (our newest platform), we’d encourage you to connect with us and to interact with us. We are listening to every message, every comment and every suggestion. In fact, our recent Facebook Live event was actually the result of a suggestion from a member. We look forward to engaging with you!


Dianne Martin


Category: Messages from the Chief Executive OfficerDate: Friday, June 15, 2018