Guest Columnist Jocelyn Bennett, RN, MScN, AMS Phoenix Program Director

For most of us, making the choice to enter healthcare is guided by many considerations - Did I have a role model that I wanted to emulate? Would it be interesting work?  Can I get a good job and have a meaningful and fulfilling career? Can I make a difference? I think the idea of making a difference is one of the most consistent attractions that brings people into the health disciplines. As I reflect on that sentiment, I think “How have I and how can I make a difference?”. Making a difference in people’s lives doesn’t always need to be expressed in grand gestures. It’s in our everyday actions where we can make positive impacts on the people around us, in our work, and in society. 

Making a difference is what Change Day is all about. Change Day is a growing global movement that empowers individuals and teams to take small actions and collectively make positive change within the healthcare system. Change Day Ontario is a campaign that is jointly sponsored by Health Quality Ontario (HQO) and AMS Healthcare to empower people to make a difference for themselves, their colleagues and their patients. The campaign aims to promote a culture of compassionate quality care across the healthcare system and create a positive dialogue amongst those who are passionate about delivering better care. These are all features of a high-quality health care system as set out in Quality Matters: Realizing Excellent Care for All, a call to action for advancing quality in our health care system.

At its core, Change Day Ontario is about encouraging and supporting people to make changes that they feel passionate about, whether it be personal, with patients and families, or with colleagues. The initiative’s philosophy is that small changes can amount to big impact and this starts with a pledge.  Anyone engaged within or touched by the healthcare system is invited to participate by making a pledge. The pledge, and how it comes to life, is completely up to the individual. It can be anything from beginning every care encounter with “If there was one thing I could do for you today, what would it be?” to using the power of stories to illustrate and better understand quality and risk issues.

Last year, the Registered Practical Nurses in Ontario Board of Directors participated in Change Day Ontario in a big way. Registered Practical Nurses from across the province – maybe you, or maybe some of your colleagues - also got involved. You pledged, you shared on social media, and hopefully you acted on your pledges to make a difference. It is my hope that each of you, whether or not you were involved in Change Day Ontario 2017, get involved this year. We encourage you to take a moment to reflect on why you came into health care in the first place, and to make a pledge that is meaningful to you.

The difference is you. It’s that simple. Make a pledge today at


Jocelyn Bennett, RN, MScN
AMS Phoenix Program Director



Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2018