Most people, no matter what they do for a living, could probably think of a few ideas to make their professions better in some way. An idea to improve the quality of the service their organization provides. An idea to make their workplace more efficient or more effective. Or an idea that might have a profound, positive impact on the people they serve. Unfortunately, not everyone is given the opportunity to share those ideas. And there are many others who feel as if they don’t have the ‘voice’ or the confidence to make their ideas heard.

Well, if you’re an RPN in Ontario, we’re actively seeking your input and ideas for a very exciting initiative that has the potential to significantly support and enhance the optimization of the RPN role in this province. In fact, if you’re an RPN, RN, employer of RPNs, nursing program faculty, nursing/professional practice leader or health service planner, we want to hear from all of you!

RPNAO is currently conducting a province-wide tour to gather input and ideas about how we can best use the RPN Innovation Fund to invest in the development of RPNs to support them in meeting the changing needs of our health care system. We’ve already conducted approximately half a dozen of these focus groups in communities in southern and southwestern Ontario and have met with more than 50 RPNs who have been eager to share their perspectives. So far, some of the themes that are emerging relate to a consistent call for more leadership development opportunities and professional development opportunities to better prepare them to participate in clinical research. RPNs have also told us the time is right for a proactive media campaign to highlight the positive impact RPNs have in our health care system. These are just a few of the common themes we’ve been hearing in the focus groups so far.

There are still more than a dozen focus group sessions scheduled in communities throughout the rest of the province, as well as several webinar focus groups. The full tour schedule is available on our website. There are also travel grants available to support RPNs in attending these sessions.

As you know, our profession is constantly evolving and there are many challenges facing nursing and health care in general. This is a huge opportunity for you to share your ideas and put your mark on the future of nursing in Ontario. Once the focus group tour has been completed, we will compiling everything we’ve heard from you and putting the plan in place throughout 2017. Of course, the more input we have, the better chance we have of making the fund have the greatest positive impact for optimizing the RPN role.

We strongly encourage you to attend a focus group session, attend one of the webinars or share your ideas with us via the online form that will be on our website in the coming weeks. We will continue to keep you posted on our progress on this exciting initiative.


Dianne Martin

Category: Messages from the Chief Executive OfficerDate: Monday, April 3, 2017