You don’t need me to tell you there’s a lot going on in the world of health care and nursing in  Ontario these days. One of our objectives at RPNAO is to keep RPNs up-to-date about what’s  happening in nursing, what we’re working on at the association and other topics that might be of  interest to you.

 At the same time, we’re very aware that there are changes taking place in the way the average  Canadian wants to be communicated with. Anecdotal evidence suggests that readership rates for things like newspapers, hard copy newsletters, direct mail and even email are declining. Many of those eyeballs are now spending significantly more time on their computers and mobile devices, particularly on social platforms like Facebook.

With these trends in mind, we’re making some adjustments to the ways we’re communicating with members. A great example of this is the letter to the editor of the Windsor Star that we posted on our Facebook page on January 20, 2016. This letter from Board Member Linda Keirl was in response to the Star’s article on the recent nursing staffing changes at Windsor Regional Hospital and the accusations of ‘RN replacement’. One of the reasons we felt compelled to write this letter was because even though the article focused on RPNs, the reporter didn’t bother to call our association for comment, even after we sent him an email to reach out to him. We submitted the letter to the Windsor Star. While the paper published our letter several days letter, it had been edited and much of the main message had been diluted.

But here’s the interesting thing. We shared our original letter on RPNAO’s Facebook page the day we wrote it. The letter found its audience immediately. In less than one day, it was ‘liked’ more than 800 times, ‘shared’ more than 600 times, commented on nearly 70 times and reached an audience of more than 92,000 people, most of them nurses, health care leaders and friends and family of RPNs.

These new tools and platforms are empowering organizations like ours (and nurses like you) to communicate more directly and more efficiently with our target audiences. So you can expect more of this type of direct communication from us in the future.

On the note, we’re well aware that video is the fastest-growing communication platform today. In fact, by 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be video. With this in mind, RPNAO will be using video more in our day-to-day communications with you.

In light of the ongoing campaign by several organizations about the supposed trend of ‘RN replacement’, RPNAO has been setting the record straight in various forums, including communicating directly with government officials. We also wanted to create message for you, our members. The result is this video, which
has been Tweeted from @RPNAO and posted to our Facebook page.

As always, we encourage you to communicate with us and share your opinions, ideas and insights via Facebook, Twitter, email or the old-fashioned telephone.


Dianne Martin
Executive Director, RPNAO

Category: Messages from the Chief Executive OfficerDate: Thursday, March 3, 2016