To-Don’t List

Rating: 3.5/5 star

To Don’t List is a free app that allows you to focus on your to do list in small sections. There is no need to create an account for this app.

To start, using it is as simple as making your to don’t list, then the app moves the top three to your to-do list. You can rearrange each list by sliding it up or down in the list it’s on. To move items from your to-do list down to your to-don’t list you just have to swipe the item to the right and then the top of the item of your to-don’t list moves up. Once you complete a task you can swipe left and mark it done so that it is gone from your to-do list.

To-don’t list is great for busy nurses as it allows you to concentrate on a smaller list rather than being bogged down by a lengthy to-do list.

Some downfalls of the To-Don’t List app is that there are no notifications and the user has to remember to open the app to complete their to-do list. As well the app would freeze and close randomly when I would be trying to move items on my list.

This app is great for all list making people.

To-don’t list is a free app that has no addition add-ons or upgrade packages.